Game Help | Travel Quest - France

Objective of the Game
In Travel Quest - France, the objective is clear: gather collections of images representing different regions and departments of France by taking on challenging quests and exploring the iconic sites of the country. Accompanied by Polo, our friendly guide, you will immerse yourself in the cultural and geographical richness of France.
Kilometers are the 'fuel' that allows you to travel through regions. Each move from one region to another costs a certain number of kilometers, calculated based on the actual distance between the capital cities of the regions in question.
Kilometer Exchange
You can send kilometers to your friends from the game's homepage. Sending kilometers to your friends doesn't cost you anything: the kilometers you send are not deducted from your own total. You can send a maximum of kilometers to the same friend every four hours. Whenever you log in, the kilometers that have been sent to you are automatically added to your account.
How to Earn More Kilometers?
  • Your friends can send you kilometers every 4 hours.
  • Polo, our faithful pigeon, rewards you with kilometers every day when you log in to the game for the first time. Thanks to the KM Ticket.
  • By watching advertisements.
  • By playing mini-games.
  • By completing collections and regions.
  • By purchasing kilometers in the Shop.
Images are identified by a region, a letter, and a number. It's important to note that you can only obtain images from collections you have already unlocked. When you first visit a new region, the first two collections of that region are instantly unlocked. Images come in three distinct values: value 1 images, recognizable by their golden border, are extremely rare. Value 2 images, marked with a silver border and numbered 2, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, and 27, are considered rare. Finally, value 3 images are the most common. You can easily identify the value of each image because it is indicated at the top left of the image on the France map icon. Pro tip: when you are physically in a region, you have an increased chance of receiving images from that region.
How to Receive More Images?
You can obtain images in many ways:
  • Every day, you earn at least one photo when you first log in.
  • If you log in 5 days in the same week (from Monday to Sunday).
  • When you first visit a new region, you earn 4 photos from it.
  • By logging in for 10 consecutive days, you win a gift that can contain multiple images.
  • When you complete a collection and click the 'Finish' button (you earn 2 random images if the collection has less than 11 images and 2 images including at least 1 rare image otherwise).
  • When you complete a region and click the 'Finish Region' button, you then win a rare or super rare image.
  • When you complete certain quests.
  • You can trade your duplicate photos with your friends, provided you both have the same unlocked collections.
  • One day out of 12, you can win a new image with the N Ticket.
  • We regularly offer small event games to win additional images.
  • You can also buy photos in the Shop.
Seeds are the in-game currency. They allow you to purchase kilometers and images in the Shop.
How to Obtain Seeds?
  • By completing a region.
  • By passing a game level.
  • By collecting newspapers.
  • By playing various mini-games.
  • By buying seeds at the Bank.
Image Collections
Each region is an album and contains several image collections, each identified by a letter. The game has a total of 18 albums: 15 Metropolitan Regions (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Brittany, Centre-Val de Loire, Corsica, Grand Est, Hauts-de-France, Île-de-France, Normandy, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie, Pays de la Loire, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), 15 Overseas Departments (DOM-TOM) (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, La Réunion, and Mayotte), 6 Overseas Collectivities (Saint Barthelemy, etc...) and 5 French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Terre Adelie, etc...).
Image Collections
To unlock the first 2 image collections of a region, simply visit that region. A region contains multiple image collections, each identified by a letter. When you visit a region for the first time, two collections are instantly unlocked, and you can unlock a third collection by completing the first two collections of the region. Once you complete a region, you receive a reward and a badge. When you visit a new region, you immediately receive 4 photos from it.
Departments Collections
Once you have completed a region by obtaining two badges, you have the opportunity to unlock the specific 'Departments' collections for that region. This is done by accomplishing various objectives, including collecting special T-Shirts. Each region has as many 'Departments' collections as there are actual departments within it.
Overseas Departments (DOM-TOM / COM / TAAF)
To access the Overseas Territories and Departments (DOM-TOM) collections, you will need to collect 10 macarons. For the Overseas Collectivities (COM), you'll need 20 macarons, and for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), you'll need 25 macarons. To visit them, you will also need to have at least 2 plane tickets.
The album is the central place where all your photo collections are grouped by region. In this album, you can manage your images, organize them, and even complete collections multiple times if you wish. When all the collections in a region are completed, you receive a badge: bronze, silver, or gold, a rare image, and unlock a new collection if there is one. It's important to note that you can complete each region up to three times, but each time you do so, you lose one copy of each image from that region.
When you complete a collection, click on the 'Finish' button to receive a bonus and a croissant. If the completed collection has more than 10 images, you are guaranteed to receive a rare image.
You earn one croissant for each completed collection.
Each region is represented by 3 macarons: bronze, silver, and gold. You receive a macaron by completing all the collections in the region.
The Map of France
This is where you move from one department to another. The cost of moving from one region to another is calculated based on the actual distance between the capital cities of the regions in question. Traveling between departments within the same region costs you 200 KM.
Travel Mode
Travel mode allows you to avoid time losses for demanding travelers. After each trip, you automatically return to the Map of France without going through the 'album' page. Travel mode can be activated/deactivated on the world map by clicking on the icon:
Region Mode
Region mode allows you to visit all the departments of a region in a single click, saving you a lot of time! It is accessible once you have obtained 20 Macarons. You can activate/deactivate it on the right side of the Map of France:

The compass is a handy tool that summarizes the last departments you visited. It allows you to keep a record of your journey and adventures across France.
Plane Tickets
When you decide to travel to an Overseas Department (DOM-TOM / COM / TAAF), remember that you will always need a return plane ticket to be able to return to the mainland. You can get one plane ticket each week starting from Wednesday, and you can also obtain them by clicking on your friends' posts on the journal. The flight tickets are seasonal (spring, summer, autumn, winter).
Every week, you have the opportunity to collect a newspaper in each region you have unlocked. As a reward, you will receive one seed for each collected newspaper. To collect a newspaper, simply click on the department where you are located and then click on the 'Collect Newspaper' icon. Once you have collected a newspaper in at least one department of a region, the entire region is counted. If you manage to collect all the newspapers from the regions you have unlocked during the week, an additional image awaits you as a reward.
Seasons are limited-time collections that showcase monuments or iconic places in France. Each season corresponds to a period of the year (summer, autumn, winter, spring), and the images from these seasons are distributed only during the actual duration of the respective season. Here's how you can obtain images from the current season:
  • During your daily logins.
  • In the Terroir Race.
  • Every Thursday, an image of the season will be hidden in a department.
  • By completing seasonal collections.
  • By exchanging seasonal coins for images in the Shop.
  • By visiting the game's Fanpage.
  • Thanks to the mini-game 'La Roue des Saisons' (The Seasons Wheel).
Seasonal coins allow you to purchase images from the same season in the Shop. You can earn seasonal coins in various ways, including:
  • By collecting all the newspapers every week.
  • By getting 1 coin each day during your first login.
  • By playing mini-games and in the Terroir Race.
  • By completing seasonal collections or albums.
  • By receiving 1 coin for each completed challenge.
  • By watching sponsored videos.
Quests are an opportunity to earn kilometers, extra images, and seeds. They will challenge you to solve puzzles, locate objects, and move around the Map of France. To start a quest, you'll need baguettes.
Baguettes allow you to unlock quests. To obtain them, post a baguette request on the journal or click on your friends' requests. You can also get them through sponsored videos. You can post one baguette request per day. Baguettes are valid for one month.
Challenges are specific actions related to your player account, such as inviting a friend or visiting 10 regions, etc. For optimization reasons, the rewards for some challenges are added only the next day during your first login.
Every Friday, we offer you a new deal. Typically, it involves exchanging a duplicate image for a new one. It's an excellent opportunity to complete your collections.
The N Ticket
The N Ticket allows you to win a new image. It is available one day out of 12 for each player (this day is randomly chosen). You need to find it by visiting the regions. The N Ticket is a way to win a new image. It is available one day out of 12, and this day is randomly determined for each player. To find it, you must visit the regions on the Map of France. Note: You must find the ticket before the end of the day when the 'N Ticket' icon appears, or it will disappear.
Polo Quiz
Polo Quiz consists of five multiple-choice questions, all centered around the regions and departments you have explored and unlocked on your Map of France. Be quick and accurate because you have approximately 12 seconds to answer each question. Answer correctly to accumulate seeds and seasonal coins!
The KM Ticket
The KM Ticket is offered to you every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This game allows you to win kilometers, the essential currency for moving around the Map of France. The principle is simple: scratch off the three city panels and reveal the valuable kilometers hidden behind them. It's a perfect opportunity to increase your kilometer reserves!
Petit Bac (Small Game)
You can play 'Petit Bac' every other Friday. This game allows you to win seeds and seasonal coins. In the Petit Bac game, your challenge is to quickly find four words in given categories such as fruits, vegetables, animals, sports, countries, or French municipalities, all starting with a randomly selected letter. Can you find all 4 words in less than 30 seconds?
Ticket France
The 'Ticket France' game, available every other Sunday, offers you a chance to win seeds. All you need to do is scratch and find two identical symbols to win the corresponding rewards.

Geo Depart'
Geo Depart' is a game that takes place every other Tuesday and will test your geographical knowledge. Here's how it works:
  • 1. Polo will ask you 5 questions, requiring you to locate a department on the map of France.
  • 2. Each correct answer earns you 5 points. You can even earn bonus points for speed: +1 point if you answer in less than 5 seconds and +1 point if you answer in less than 2 seconds.
  • 3. Depending on the total number of points you earn, you can win images, seasonal coins, or seeds, which will help you progress in the game.
Answer questions correctly and be quick to maximize your rewards in the Geo Depart' game!
La Roue des Saisons (The Seasons Wheel)
Every Saturday, the game gives you a chance to win an image from the current season or past seasons. It could be a rare image or one that you're missing from your collection.

This game is available every other Sunday and offers the opportunity to win seeds and seasonal coins. The goal of the game is to guess a department number, ranging from 0 to 95, using as few tries as possible. With each attempt, you'll receive an indication of whether the department number to be found is higher or lower than the one you proposed.
Le Code Secret (The Secret Code)
Le Code Secret is a game you can play every other Sunday. The objective is to decode four words related to a given title. Here's how it works:
  • • You can choose to uncover the first letter for free.
  • • You also have the option to uncover another letter using a 'hint,' but in this case, you'll lose half of your potential rewards.
  • • For each correctly decoded word, you'll earn 4 seeds and 2 seasonal coins.
  • • You also earn some bonus seeds if you complete the game quickly.
This is a game that tests your decoding and puzzle-solving skills. Good luck!
The Terroirs Race
The Terroirs Race is an exciting quest where you help Poto, Polo's friend, gather French specialties. Polo finds movement units on the classic game map of France, and Poto moves using these units on the 'Terroirs Race' map to collect specialties.

The Terroirs Race lasts for about 18 days and allows you to earn valuable rewards for your progress in the game (seasonal coins, seeds, new images, rare images, etc…)
The color of movement units
  • Each path on the 'Terroirs Race' map consists of colored points.
  • Units of each color can be found in a corresponding region.
  • To progress on a path, you must obtain as many movement units of that color as there are points on the path.
  • Gray units allow you to pass through regions you haven't unlocked yet.
Obtaining movement units (Polo)
To get movement units for Polo, you need to find them by exploring the game's map of France. Polo can perform up to 5 unit searches per day, one per region. Here's how to do it:
  • Click on the department where you are currently located on the game's map of France.
  • Then click on the 'Search unit' button.
Each time you perform a search, you have the chance to get one of the following three results:
  • A unit of the color of the region where you performed the search.
  • A 'gray' unit, which allows you to pass through regions you haven't unlocked yet.
  • No unit, if the search yields no results.
These movement units will be essential to help Poto collect French specialties in the 'Terroirs Race.' Be sure to search for units every day to make progress in this exciting quest!

Request an additional unit
You can post a request for a unit of the color of your choice once a week in the journal. Click on 'Request a card' and choose the color of the unit you want to obtain.
Moving on the Terroirs Race Map (Poto)
To navigate on the Terroirs Race map and help Poto collect French specialties, follow these steps:
  • Click on the 'Terroirs Race' icon located in the left menu.
  • Once on the map, carefully observe the blinking points. These points indicate where you can move to, based on the movement units you have collected. If no points are blinking, it means you need to search for more movement units.
  • To move to a point on the map, simply click on it. Poto, represented by his orange helmet, will move along the path you've chosen.
Remember that the starting point of the game is always at the junction of the Île-de-France, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, and Centre regions. Poto is symbolized by the orange point, representing his scooter helmet.

The Specialties
The number of specialties to find, and therefore the number of gifts you can win in the Terroirs Race, depends on the number of metropolitan regions you have unlocked at the start of the game.
  • 5 regions: 1 specialty
  • 6 regions: 2 specialties
  • 8 regions: 3 specialties
  • 10 regions: 4 specialties
  • 13 regions: 5 specialties
The more regions you unlock, the more chances you have to win specialties and valuable rewards in the Terroirs Race.
An Example to Understand?

In this example, let's assume our goal is to retrieve the Maroilles in Hauts-de-France (and win the corresponding rare image):
  • We are represented by the orange point on the map (Poto's helmet).
  • To reach the Maroilles, there is one black point (a card to find in the Île-de-France region) and two salmon points (cards to find in the Hauts-de-France region).
  • We already have one black-colored unit and one salmon-colored unit, so we need to perform searches in the Hauts-de-France region to find an additional salmon-colored unit.
  • Each region is associated with a specific card color.
10-Day Streak Bonus
By logging into the Travel Quest France game for 10 consecutive days, you receive a special bonus.
This bonus is randomly drawn from among 6 packs of varying interest; you can win up to 15 rare images, kilometers, seasonal images, and more.
Ranking and Levels
Levels are defined by a number of points.
You earn points based on the images you possess, quests you complete, regions visited/revisited, completed collections, and more...
Duplicate images are not counted.
Advancing through levels allows you to unlock new quests.
Trading Photos with Friends
To gift a photo to your friends in Travel Quest France, you have several options:

To be able to exchange an image with a friend, the image must be in a collection that both you and your friend have unlocked.
Requesting Images You're Looking For: Golden Exchanges
From your album, you can choose up to 4 images you particularly want by clicking the small "+" below the image. These images will be visible to your friends, who will have the option to send them to you directly from the 'exchanges' page.
The Exchanges Page
You can view and send the 'gold-requested' images directly by your friends from the exchange page.
You can also send any image by clicking 'send a duplicate'; you will then see which friends have unlocked the corresponding collection for the image.
Lastly, you can start by selecting a friend from the 'send to a friend' button, and you will see all the duplicates you can send to the selected friend.
The 'Direct Exchanges' Page
Another option for exchanging images is to use secure exchanges. This feature is located in the 'Direct Exchange' menu (top-left). Here's how it works:
Select an image you wish to obtain.
Then, choose one to three images you offer in exchange. These images will be deducted from your stock while the exchange proposal is active.
When one of your friends accepts the direct exchange, the images will be transferred automatically. You can participate in one direct exchange per day.
The Shop
You can buy images and kilometers with seeds or seasonal coins.
The drawing of photos you receive from the Shop is not entirely random:
Packs contain a certain number of guaranteed new images and rare images (these details are provided in the description of each pack).
Tip: You always have a better chance of getting images from the region where you are located.
The Bank
What is the Bank?
The Bank is where you can purchase seeds or seasonal coins to progress more quickly in the Travel Quest France game.
Seeds and coins can then be exchanged for image packs at the Shop.
Purchases at the bank also contribute to financing the game's development.
How to Obtain Seeds or Seasonal Coins?
  • Make sure you have your parents' permission if you are a minor before making a purchase.
  • Click on the 'Bank' icon located at the top right of the game.
  • Once on the Bank page, select the seed pack that interests you.
  • Choose one of the payment methods provided to make the purchase.
TQ Connect Application
The TQ Connect application is designed for Travel Quest players who want to quickly collect their daily bonuses and access rewarded videos. While this application does not offer all the game's features, it provides a convenient way to maintain your progress.
The TQ Connect application is available on the App Store:
and Play Store:
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To contact the game's team
For assistance with any issues, please don't hesitate to use the 'Contact Us' link located at the bottom of all game pages.
Our small team is here to help you, even though the response may take some time due to the volume of messages we receive.
The Game's Fanpage
You'll find information about game developments, updates, and small games to earn bonuses on the game's fan page.
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