Travel Quest - France

Welcome to Travel Quest - France!

Embark on an exciting journey through the picturesque regions of France with Travel Quest - Regions of France, the free image collection game that will (re)introduce you to the hexagon!

In Travel Quest - France, the objective is simple: collect images from various French regions by taking on captivating quests and exploring iconic locations throughout the country. Accompanied by Polo, our friendly guide, you'll immerse yourself in the cultural and geographical richness of France.

But it's not just an image collection adventure. Puzzles, mini-games, and challenges will spice up your experience while testing your knowledge of French geography.

Every day presents a new opportunity to learn and have fun with Travel Quest - France. Earn kilometers to travel through the regions, send gifts to your friends, participate in unique quests, and uncover the hidden treasures of France.

Join us today and become an expert in the geography and cultural heritage of France, all while having a blast collecting images.

Explore, learn, collect, and have fun with Travel Quest - France!

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