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Objective of the Game
Travel Quest USA is based on a simple concept: complete image collections representing various American states by taking on exciting challenges and exploring iconic locations. With Polo, our friendly pigeon guide, you will immerse yourself in the cultural and geographical richness of the United States.

To obtain these images, you will need to embark on journeys and complete various stimulating quests. You can also trade images with other players.
The Map of the United States
The map of the United States is the starting point for all your adventures, where you travel from one state to another.
As you move around, you can open a state for the first time or explore and find items for your ongoing quests.
Travel Mode
The travel mode, specially designed for discerning travelers, saves you valuable minutes.
At the end of each journey, it automatically brings you back to the map of the United States, avoiding the need to go through the album page.
Enabling or disabling this mode is simple by clicking on the icon:
Territories Mode
The 'Territories mode' button allows you to view UNESCO sites on the world map.
The compass, a clever little tool, keeps track of your explorations by summarizing the last states you visited.

Miles are somewhat like the "fuel" that allows you to travel across the United States.
The cost of traveling from one state to another is directly related to the actual distance between these two states.
Miles Exchange
You can send Miles to your friends by clicking on the Miles icon in the top menu. Sending miles to your friends doesn't cost you anything: the Miles sent are not deducted from your own Miles.
You can send a maximum every 3 hours to the same friend. There is a daily limit on the number of Miles you can receive from your friends.
Upon each login, you will automatically receive the Miles that have been sent to you.
How to Earn More Miles?
  • Your friends can send you miles every 3 hours.
  • Polo (our pigeon) gives you miles every day during your first game login.
  • You also earn miles when you complete quests, collections, and states.
  • Finally, you can purchase miles at the Shop.
Album and States
States and Collections
A state consists of several image collections. Two collections will be instantly unlocked when you visit the state for the first time. You will unlock more collections by completing the state multiple times.
A state can be completed in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
It can also be closed if you have the postcard for that state.
UNESCO Sites Albums
UNESCO Sites Albums are designed to provide an in-depth look at the UNESCO sites in the United States, allowing players to explore these sites in detail. Each UNESCO site is subdivided into several distinct image collections. It is important to note that the rare images found in the UNESCO Sites Albums are the same as those found in the "States" albums. This means that rare images remain the same, regardless of the album category you choose to explore, whether it's for UNESCO sites or States.
The Album
The album is where all image collections are listed and organized by state or UNESCO sites. It's possible to receive duplicate images, and collections can be completed multiple times.
Completing a Collection
When you have gathered all the images from a collection, a 'Complete Collection' button appears.
By completing this action, you are rewarded with additional images, Miles, seeds, etc...
You are free to complete the collection again each time you complete the corresponding state.
Completing a State or UNESCO Site
Once you have successfully completed all the collections of a state, a 'Complete State' button appears, allowing you to close that state. This action rewards you with additional images, Miles, seeds, etc...
Furthermore, you have the option to restart the collections of that state you have already completed.
It's worth noting that you can complete the state at different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, each offering specific rewards. However, it's essential to remember that you can close the same state a maximum of three times. With each closure, one copy of each image from that state is sacrificed to progress.
Closing a State or UNESCO Site
To close a State, two conditions must be met: you must have completed all the collections of the State at the Diamond level, and you must have obtained the Postcard for that State. The Postcard can be obtained through a friend's gift or by purchasing it directly from the Album page.
When a State is closed, it stands out on the Map of the United States with a different color, signaling your achievement. It's worth noting that you will receive fewer images from this State after its closure.
All closed States are archived in the 'Closed States' category on the Album page.

If you close all the States available in the game, you will become a VIP, the ultimate distinction in the game!
Every time you manage to complete a State, you earn a corresponding Postcard as a reward.
It's essential to note that this Postcard is not counted in your main image collection. Only Postcards that your friends give you contribute to your Postcard collection. However, you can gift it to one of your friends.
For your friends to receive a Postcard from you, they must have unlocked the respective State and not yet have received that specific Postcard. Postcards are grouped in the 'Postcards' category on the Album page, where you can view and manage them.
Images are identified by a State, a number, and a rarity.
It's essential to note that you can only obtain images from collections that have already been unlocked in your game.
There are images of three different values:
  • Rarity 1 (Gold-colored badge) is super rare
  • Rarity 2 (Silver-colored badge) is rare
  • Rarity 3 (Bronze-colored badge) is more common
Each collection contains one super rare image (as the 1st image) and two rare images (as the 2nd and 6th images).
Every day, you receive a new image, enriching your collection over time. It's worth noting that when you are currently in a State, you have a higher probability of receiving an image from that specific State.
You can trade images with your friends from the Trade page (see: Image Trades).
How to receive more images?
You can obtain images in many ways:
  • Every day, you gain a new image on your first login.
  • Thanks to the Daily Bonus
  • When you visit a new State for the first time
  • By completing collections or States
  • By completing quests
  • By completing Challenges
  • Every week, you can earn a new rare image through the DRIVE-IN
  • You can trade your duplicate images with your friends (provided you have the same unlocked collections).
  • By watching videos
  • We regularly offer small event games to win additional images
  • You can also purchase images in the Shop
Seeds are the in-game currency. They allow you to purchase images and Miles in the Shop.
How to obtain seeds?
  • By completing collections or States
  • By completing certain challenges or adventure quests
  • In some mini-games
  • By purchasing seeds at the Bank
  • By watching videos
In the shop, you have the opportunity to acquire images and Miles in exchange for seeds, the virtual currency of the game.
It's worth noting that the image drawing process you receive is not entirely random: each pack purchased guarantees a minimum of rare images and new images.

Although Travel Quest USA is a free game, you have the option to accelerate your progress by buying seeds. These seeds can then be exchanged for images and miles in the Boutique (Shop). It's important to note that purchasing seeds contributes to supporting the ongoing development of the game, allowing us to continue improving and enhancing the gaming experience for all players.

Quests are an excellent way to earn Miles, additional images, seeds, and even unlock new States in the game. Most quests unlock as you progress through the game levels. You can easily find out at which level a new quest will be unlocked by checking Polo's bubble on the 'Quests' page.
Adventure Quests
Adventure Quests involve collecting specific items by visiting particular States. Each adventure quest is divided into multiple stages, where you must find an item before you can proceed to the next request. To start an adventure quest, you'll need to obtain Cafés.

Cafés are essential for unlocking adventure quests. You can obtain them by posting a Café request on your journal or by clicking on Café requests from your friends. It's important to note that you can only post one Café request per day, and only if you have 'visible' quests to unlock. Furthermore, Cafés are valid for a specific season (for example, Fall 2023 Cafés will only be usable in the Fall and will be replaced by Winter 2023 Cafés at the start of Winter 2023).

Discovery Quests
There are two types of discovery quests: 'New State' quests, 'New Destination' quests, and 'New UNESCO Site' quests. Each of these quests allows you to make new States or UNESCO sites visible on your Map of the United States, while unlocking the corresponding image collections related to these discoveries.

Stamps are a precious resource in discovery quests. Each time you visit or revisit a State, you earn a stamp on your passport. These stamps are essential for progressing in discovery quests as they mark your journeys and allow you to unlock exciting new destinations and UNESCO sites on your Map of the United States.
Challenges are objectives you can achieve in the game, and they reward you with images, seeds, Miles, and other rewards for completing these goals. Here are some examples of challenges you might encounter:
  • Travel 5,000 Miles.
  • Visit 3 different States.
  • Complete 10 adventure quests.
  • Log in for 13 consecutive days.
  • Give 10 duplicate images to different friends.
Some challenges are credited the next day when you log into the game. To view available challenges and track your progress, simply click on the 'Challenges' icon in the top menu of the game. Challenges add an element of achievement and variety to your gaming experience.
Daily Bonus
The daily bonus allows you to earn additional gifts every day. You need to log in for several consecutive days to receive this bonus.

To unlock the DRIVE-IN, you must first gather Cinema Tickets (by posting on your journal, asking friends directly, or buying them with seeds). Once you have collected your Cinema Tickets, you will need to find the DRIVE-IN scratch card in a randomly selected State (while traveling from the Map of the USA).

You will receive a clue every two days, containing a letter that corresponds to the name of the capital or State you need to look for. Through the DRIVE-IN, you have the opportunity to win a new rare image with a value of 1 or 2 each week.
It's important to note that you have a one-week time limit, from Monday morning to Sunday night, to gather your Cinema Tickets and find your DRIVE-IN.
Shake State
Shake State is a game that works on the principle of 'Guess Who?' where you have to deduce the correct State among the 24 States of the United States presented in the table. To do this, you have various tools to help eliminate States that do not match the given description. These tools include:
  • Determine if the State is coastal and borders an ocean.
  • Identify the starting letter of the State.
  • Use information about the State's area.
  • Use information about the State's population.
  • Identify the starting letter of the State's capital.
  • Use other relevant clues.
It's worth noting that the clues related to the area and population of the States are rounded to maintain a certain level of challenge in the game. The rewards earned depend on the number of clues you use to find the correct State.
Map'O'Polo is a game where you must identify and locate the requested States on the Map of the United States. The game consists of three distinct stages, each with a question. To progress and move on to the next stage, you must answer the question of the current stage correctly. Here are the types of questions you may encounter at each stage:
  • Stage 1: State Name - You must identify the name of the requested State and place it correctly on the map.
  • Stage 2: Capital Name - At this stage, you will need to find the capital of the requested State and locate it on the map.
  • Stage 3: Flag - For this final stage, the challenge is to recognize the flag of the specified State and match it to the corresponding State on the map.
For each correct answer, you earn points based on the time it takes you to locate the State or answer the question. The total rewards depend on the number of points you accumulate throughout the game. The speed and accuracy of your answers are essential to maximize your points. Good luck and have fun exploring the geography of the United States!
The game Daytona is a race against the clock where the goal is to make as many laps around the clock by answering questions about the United States. Here's how this game works:
  • Each day, you have the opportunity to answer four questions (including one question you can ask your friends) in the form of quizzes about the United States.
  • Each time you answer a question correctly, you unlock the launch of the watch's hand ⌚️, which will randomly draw a number between 1 and 4.
  • The number obtained determines how many spaces you will advance on the Daytona game board, accumulating laps as you go.
  • The game lasts for 12 days, and for each lap around the clock you complete, you earn 1 seed. You can also pick up bonus seeds on several spaces on the circuit.
So, the goal is to answer questions correctly, spin the hand to advance on the board, and collect as many seeds as possible by making laps around the clock. It's a fun game that tests your knowledge of the United States while rewarding your loyalty. Good luck in your Daytona race! 🏁🌟
The Match
"The Match" is a game where you must take a risk by choosing a team in a sports match. You have the option to play it safe or take a chance. The goal is to guess which team will win the match. It's important to note that one of the two teams is the favorite, usually the one on the right, which means it statistically has a higher chance of winning. If you choose the favorite team, you do have a higher probability of winning, but your reward in terms of seeds will be smaller compared to choosing the other team.
To be able to trade images, you must have visited at least 11 different states. To exchange a picture with a friend, the image must be in a collection that both you and your friend have unlocked. To offer a photo to your friends in Travel Quest France, you have several options:
Ask for the images you are looking for: the gold trades
From your album, you can choose up to 4 images that you particularly want by pressing the little "+" under the image. These images will be visible to your friends, who will have the option to send them to you directly from the 'Trades' page.
The 'Trades' page
You can view and send 'gold requested' images directly by your friends from the exchange page. You can also send any image by clicking on 'send a double,' and you will see which friends have unlocked the collection corresponding to the image. Finally, you can start by selecting a friend from the 'send to a friend' button, and then you will see all the doubles you can send to the selected friend.
The 'Direct Trades' page
Another option for exchanging images is to go through secure trades. This feature is located in the 'Direct Trade' menu (top left). Here's how it works: You select an image you want to get. Then, you choose one to three images that you offer in exchange. These images will be taken from your stock while the trade proposal is pending. When one of your friends accepts the direct trade, the images will be transferred automatically. You can participate in one direct trade per day.
Depending on your geographical location, our partners may offer you the opportunity to watch advertising videos from the left menu. This allows you to earn small gifts in the game: images, Miles, seeds, Cafés, etc... Technical issues may arise when watching these videos. In such cases, we recommend contacting the video provider directly using the form provided, which is usually available around the video. They will be able to assist you more effectively in resolving any specific issues related to their video content.
Levels / Points
During the game, you accumulate points through most of the actions you take. These points allow you to advance to higher levels, unlocking quests in the process. In addition to that, each level-up rewards you with Miles, the 'fuel' of the game. Here are some of the ways to earn points:
  • By moving through the states
  • By receiving images in your collection
  • By exchanging images with other players
  • By completing collections or states
  • By completing adventure or discovery quests
  • By completing specific challenges
  • In various mini-games
These points contribute to your gaming experience and your progress in Travel Quest USA.
In the game, you accumulate points that allow you to advance in levels. These points contribute to your overall ranking and are also cumulative with those of your friends, creating friendly competition. You can view this ranking as well as your VIP status on the dedicated Ranking/VIP page. The VIP status is awarded when you have completed all the available states at a given time. When you become VIP, it means you have achieved a notable feat in the game. You have the option to choose to hide this status from your friends by checking the 'Hide from friends' option on the Ranking/VIP page, if you wish. The Ranking/VIP page also allows you to view the states you have completed, marking your progress and achievements in Travel Quest USA.
TQ Connect Application
The TQ Connect application is designed for Travel Quest players who want to quickly collect their daily bonuses and access rewarded videos. While this application does not offer all the game's features, it provides a convenient way to maintain your progress.
The TQ Connect application is available on the App Store:
and Play Store:
Official Facebook Page
You will find information about the game's developments, small games to win seeds, and bonuses (Miles, images) on the Travel Quest USA game fan page. To stay updated, consider subscribing to it!