Travel Quest

Welcome to the exciting world of Travel Quest, the instructive picture collecting game that will take you on a journey through the countries of the world!

Discover a unique adventure where you will have to explore the world, complete captivating quests and collect photos of the most emblematic places on the planet.

The goal of the Travel Quest game is simple: collect photos of countries around the world by completing different missions and traveling from one country to another. You will be accompanied by Polo, our intrepid pigeon, who will guide you throughout your journey.

But beware, it's not just about collecting pictures. You will have to complete challenging challenges, solve puzzles, find hidden objects, play mini-games and earn valuable rewards such as rare images or seeds.

Every day is a new adventure on Travel Quest: Receive miles that will allow you to travel, send gifts to your friends, exchange images, unlock new quests, play mini games and daily challenges!

Join us now and become a geography expert while collecting pictures.

Travel, learn, collect, trade, and above all, have fun on Travel Quest!

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Latest News

Panama undergoes a makeover! As a reminder, if you accept, the previous version of this country will be archived in the Feather category of your album.
Åland Islands
New Territory: Paolo takes you to discover the Åland Islands! All you need to do is unlock a new quest "New Territory" by passing game levels. Happy exploring!